Body Realignment, ScarWork & Bonework

Body Realignment

This therapy has been developed and is taught by  Jan Trewartha, Principal of Body in Harmony Training and Director of The British Fascia Symposium.

Pain and dysfunction can build up in the body as a result of the many stresses and strains placed on it through everyday life eg poor posture; injuries eg sports, falls, accidents; surgery – to name a few examples. From a Body Realignment perspective, we believe that it is tension in the fascia which is pulling the body out of alignment and contributing to the pain and dysfunction.

Following an assessment of posture and movement, the techniques used are light touch which allow the fascia to release and enable the body to return to a more normal alignment giving better function and helping to reduce pain. ScarWork is an essential part of the therapy since if scars are present they pull the body out of line.


Developed by Structural Integrator Sharon Wheeler, ScarWork is becoming more widely known in the UK. It is a light-touch therapy which can make a big difference to scars and their effects on the body. It can be used on surgical scars and natural scars, on very old scars and recent scars. it can change the feel of scars and the effects that they have such as numbness, tightness, pulling, pain.


Bonework (also developed by Sharon Wheeler) uses fascial techniques which are aimed at helping increase mobility and address problems such as poorly healed bones, bunions or loss of movement due to accidents etc. The techniques involve precise manual pressure directed into the fascial elements eg periostium of the bone.

Please note:  I have trained in and worked with these modalities but since the pandemic I no longer offer them as separate treatments, preferring to integrate them into massage or reflexology sessions.